Public procurement policy bill passes in 2012; this law come into existence to promote the Indian MSME, the order gives to all central government bodies and PSU should procure product and services from the MSME’S. From 2012 to 2017 there are various amendments and change happened in the public procurement policy.

DGSND (Directorate general of supplies and disposals) is the centralised and regulatory body who look after the Public procurement policy, DGSND or central government gave a target to all central government bodies and Public sector units to procure 20 % of services and product purchase from MSME only. The government also do the audit of this whether the buyers achieve there given targets or not.

The challenge for the government bodies is from which platform they purchase the goods and services. So for this issue government make a two platform where MSME may register there product and services, and government bodies can buy the food and services For the purchasing platform government make an MSME DATA bank and Government E-marketplace form where the buyer can purchase and avail the services.


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