If you put the question to the entrepreneur to tell you the key to become the successful entrepreneur, Most probably they would give the different answer, but the right answer is the key to successful business is winning and keeping customers. The key to winning and keeping the customer is the relationship and to maintain the connection, networking should be powerful.

It is essential to building the real relationship with real people in the real world, the most important thing to become the successful entrepreneur is networking, networking does not refer to social network it means people they know and can work with. One thing that will help the business run smoothly is to build the right kind of partners and network. This will help start-up in its initial years.

A successful entrepreneur makes a good plan and in all areas of his business including networking. He knows that with whom he should connect with to be successful, he decides that which company, groups or individual are beneficial for his business and what will help him to grow as an entrepreneur, according to his prioritises his networking activities

Networking should be done strategically. Proper effort should be made towards connection that will help the business grow. A good entrepreneur makes his customer feel comfortable. He makes the quality connection; an entrepreneur should maintain the positive contact with his customer through networking we maintain a relationship, that relationship which will help in sustaining the business.

Entrepreneurs build and keep their network current with so many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn it is easy to maintain contacts these days. LinkedIn is much popular for business professionals. Studies have shown that social contacts and networking increases the chance of entrepreneurial success, a good networking helps the entrepreneur to get the right people before starting off an entrepreneur networking confidence affects the success of his business.

Confidence plays a significant role in networking success, An Entrepreneur also learns from people outside his team and improves the reputation of his startups and their leads him to be a successful entrepreneur.

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