Jack Maa Motivational Success Story

whenever we take the name of China, the names of the artists like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee come to our mind because these artists are famous all over the world. In the last few years, in the field of technology, a young man illuminated China’s name in the world of technology. We have been buying many products that are made in China. Whose quality is not good, we thought all china products are worthless, but this thing was proved wrong by Jack Maa Who founded Alibaba Group due to his talent, which made Jack Maa, the wealthiest man in China and the 18th richest man in the world. Let’s know how Jack Ma made his journey.


Jack Maa was born in Hangzhou village of Zhejiang province of China. His parents used to sing traditional singing tales. Jack Ma had a desire to learn English since childhood, so he used to visit a nearby hotel every morning, where foreigners used to visit regularly. Jack Ma speak in broken English because Chinese was the primary language and in China learning English was not considered necessary. Now he used to guide the foreign people in the city for free in his spare time, and this way practiced and his English improved. He did this for nine years.

While guiding these foreigners, he became a close friend of a foreign friend, who used to write letters to him and the same international friend named him Jack because his name was hard to speak and wrote his name in Chinese. Since then, they were known only by the name of Jack. Later on, when he passed the university entrance examination, he failed this exam three times. After that, Jack enrolled at the Hangzhou Teachers Institute, from where gave his graduate examination in 1988. During school, Jack was elected as the Chairman of the Students’ Council. After graduation, he became a lecturer of English and International Business at Hanju University


Jack Maa career debut was quite challenging. He applied for a job at 30 different places, but everywhere he felt disappointed. Jack Ma first applied for a police job, but he was not selected because of his physique.After that, he also tried for KFC when KFC first came to his city. This post was applied by 24 people, out of which 23 people were selected, but only Jack Ma was not selected. It shows how Jack Ma had stumbled at the beginning of his career.


In 1994, Jack Maa heard the name of the Internet for the first time. At the beginning of 1995, he went to America with the help of his friends, where he first saw the Internet. Jack Ma had never run the Internet before, when he first launched the Internet, he searched for the word “beer.” He received much information related to Beer from different countries, but he felt little embarrassed that the name of China was not there in that search. The next time they tried to find general information about China, but again no information was available on the Internet.

Jack was very unhappy with his country’s ignorance about the Internet because he found that China was far behind other countries in the technical field and he saw the opportunity in this area. For this reason, he created his first website with the name of “ugly” with his friend who provided information about China Within five hours of making this site; he received emails from some Chinese people who wanted to know about Jack. Then Jack Maa realized that a lot could be done by internet.


In 1995, Jack Ma, his wife, and friends together invested $ 20,000 and started a company. The main work of this organization was to create a website for other businesses. He named his company “China Yellow Pages.” Within three years his company earned $ 8 million. Now, with the help of a US friend, Jack started making websites for Chinese enterprises. Jack Ma told that when he joined the web, he used to call his friends to watch TV at home because he had a very slow dial-up connection in that period and he used to cut three and a half times to make half the page. In the meantime, he used to meet his friends at home watching TV and playing cards.

Jack Maa bought his first computer at the age of 33; he also headed as chairman in an IT company founded by China international electronic commerce center from 1998 to 1999. After that, he left the job and returned to Hangzhou with his team, where he along with his 17 friends formed one china first B2B website ALIBABA. The fact that the company had offered its IPO at Rs 4080 ($ 68) and at the end of the market it had a price of Rs 5711 ($ 93.89) can gauge the success of the Alibaba Company. The report says that it is the most extensive IPO ever in the U.S. His personal property costs around 1,30,800 crores.


There was a time when nobody was ready to give the job to Jack maa, And know the things have changed; the same Jack Maa has now become the wealthiest person in China. He has more than 200 companies all over the world. In addition to the Alibaba.com website, he also runs taobao.com which is China’s most extensive shopping website. Apart from this, tmall.com offers branded items to China’s vast population on their website.

Not only this, this company has a significant stake in China’s social media like Sina Vibo, as well as a significant share in YouTube’s video sharing website Youku Tudou. These companies offer marketing, cloud computing, and logistics services. In the early days of the Alibaba Company, only 18 people used to work and just 22 thousand people work.


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