One of the most important decisions one makes in his life is making a career choice. A career in which he could make the success.It is a tough decision to decide whether to do job `or create our employment. People normally chose that career which easily available to them.

An entrepreneur is someone who undertakes an enterprise. He is someone who starts a new business. It is a self-employment. You don’t have to report to anybody. You can work freely. In the job, one does not get due credit. Here you work hard and get remuneration.

The better products and services you provide the better is your prospect, but on the job, you have to face the competition that will drive crazy.You are the owner of your business so that you can take a day off as per your convenience. In the job, you have to take permission from your boss to take a day off.

Since you are the owner, so you can do whatever you want to do, But in the salaried job sometimes you don’t feel satisfied.In job one always remains in the tension of losing his job due to slowdown or recession in business you have desired career growth.

Where in the job an employee keeps on improving his weakness, on the other hand, the business entrepreneur only focus on their strength.Entrepreneur focuses on what matters the most and usually says no to opportunity, but employees say “yes” to every opportunity because they fear of losing it. They juggle themselves with everything.

Entrepreneurs do not believe in multitasking because they know like this they will not be able to do anything properly.According to them, multitasking means doing nothing well. While employees exhaust themselves in multitasking.

Entrepreneurs take the risk while employees fear to take a chance. Employees do not believe in business because it does not have stability, One does not get steady paychecks or health insurance. According to employees, the business is very risky. Contrary to this entrepreneur believe in taking the risk as without risk there is no reward.

The structure of the job market has changed. As the new generation is getting involved in opening their own start-up’s entrepreneur does have a vast scope.


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