Dhirubhai Ambani Success Story

Dhirubhai Ambani is the inspiration for all the young people of our country who want to start their own business. From his life, we get to learn a lot, how a boy working in a petrol pump set up such a big business, that today Reliance is one of the largest companies in the country.

Dhirubhai was right, “If you do not create your dreams, then people will keep you on task to fulfil their dreams.”


Dhirubhai was born in Chorwad, a small village in Gujarat. His father was a teacher in school and mother was a housewife. Dhirubhai Ambani had four siblings. It was not so easy to feed such a big family, their family had to face financial hardship, so Dhirubhai left studies after class tenth to give financial support to his family.


The desire to become a businessman was from his childhood, so after leaving studies he started fruit business in his village, but that business did not prove right, so he shut down that business. After that, he began selling Pakodas in a tourist spot near his village, but his business depended on tourists, and it was good for some time of the year and rest of year it did not give proper returns, so he shut down this business also.


After two losses in business, his father advised him to get a job, so with the help of his elder brother Ramanik Bhai he went to Aden to work in a petrol pump and having excellent skills, he became the manager in just two years.While working on the petrol pump, his mind used to remain focused on business. To further promote his desire towards business, he used to go to a nearby hotel to drink tea where the price of tea was Rs 1 while in his company the tea was available at 25 paise.When someone asked the reason of this then, he said: “In that hotel, many businessmen came for tea, and they discussed their business, and it helped him to hear and learn something about the business”.


Dhirubhai was in Yemen, but after the freedom struggle, he had to come back to India. After coming to India in 1958, Dhirubhai started exporting spices and other items in the partnership with his relative Champaklal Damani, from here Reliance Commercial Corporation came into the picture while doing spices business they came to know about the popularity of synthetic clothes.

Seeing a great future in Polyester business, they entered into this business. In starting he used to import polyester yarn from Yemen. But in the Initial stage, he faced difficulty in selling yarn because of trader association chairman, but he did not lose the hope. After lots of efforts finally, he entered into the business and cracked two big deals. By this, he influenced the Trade Union and they made Dhirubhai Trade Union Chairman.

Dhirubhai was earning a good profit from his trading business, but his dream was huge, so he wished to start a textile mill but due to the high risk involved in mill business, his partner Champaklal Damani quit the partnership. Dhirubhai believed, “True Entrepreneurship comes only from Risk-taking’”

For this reason in 1966 Dhirubhai established a mill of fabrics in Naroda near Ahmedabad. This mill of ‘Reliance’ made a profit of Rs.13 million in the first year of 9 crore business. He produced yarn in the brand name of VIMAL which is a well-known brand.
Dhirubhai Ambani did not look back afterwards and also established full success business in Petroleum industry and Telecom industry.

Late Dhirubhai Ambani died in the year 2002, but today their two sons are moving forward with his thoughts and vision.

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