5 Best ways of online advertising

5 Best ways of online advertising

Every year expenditure on online advertising will increase, as people most of the time connected to the internet through computer or mobile, that is why the internet is the best platform to promote your business through online advertising. There are lots of ways to improve your business through online advertising, but the five ways are most  popular from last five years.

1st way of online advertising

Social Media Websites: Social media sites are playing an essential role in our life, we spent most of the time on the

internet in social media Sites to keep in touch with our friends, family and relative but a part of that social media is

the best platform where we can promote our business too.

FACEBOOK: Facebook allows you to run your advertisement as per your requirement regarding audience, location,

age, time in a different manner by image ads text-based ads, and videos ads

LinkedIn: Linked is also the best platform to promote your business and target your audience by their line of business.

Instagram: Publish your ads and shared the information with your group.

• Youtube: Youtube

2nd Way of Online Advertising

Page Per Click(PPC) or Adword: By using Proper keyword and paying a bid you can run your adverts you need to pay

only when someone shows interest and click on your ads, In adverts, you have to bid on the proper keyword which is

suitable for your product and services.

3rd way of online marketing

Email marketing: when you get a call from a telesales regarding the product or services which you do not require

then it irritates you, but sending an email to your prospective client is the best way to attract the customer If your

prospect will be interested they can show interest by email also.

4th way of online marketing

Banner or display ads: You put your banner or display ads on some other websites; here also you need to pay when

the traffic comes to your website by click on the ads, but choosing the site with relevancy of your product, Search

engines help you on this otherwise some ad agency help you for selecting the websites where you want to put your


5th way of online marketing

Search engine optimization: Working on your SEO you can rank your site on the top on search engine although

it’s a  time taking process but when your website on top of any search engine, the prospect will visit on your sites.

For SEO you need to work on ON PAGE and OFF PAGE SEO BOTH.

These are the five ways of online marketing among other ways, but these are mostly used to get better results.








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